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clipfeed powers mobile websites with awesome content. Our feeds combine rich analytics and tracking, worldwide.

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High quality user engaging content

clipfeed delivers real time content media requests for service providers who want to monetise their websites. Powered by our powerful API, clipfeed can be fed to service providers via our smart pricing model, you simply pay for the number of clips you require.

We provide the best, high quality user engaging content across the following categories:

  • HD Video

  • HTML5 Games

  • Android Apps

  • Music


Scalable API for delivering multi-type content

Interactive Content

Exclusive content, across the top performing verticles.

  • 150+
  • Lifestyle & fitness
  • 200+
  • Games
  • 500+
  • HD videos
  • 1,000+
  • Music
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Real Time Analytics

Track, monitor and analyse your performance.

  • Real time
  • Stats 
  • Customise
  • Reporting 
  • Track
  • Content
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World Class Support

Support that’s always on to help with integration.

  • 24.7
  • Tech
  • 99.9%
  • SLA
  • 365
  • Availability
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Need to measure? clickfeed is for you!

clickfeed has been designed specifically for the tracking requirements of all marketers and those looking to acquire new customers with compelling content.

clickfeed is a content tracker you can trust.

  • 200 campaigns accessing clips each month
  • 99.9% service uptime
  • 1m clips tracked per month
  • 50 customers all around the world

About Us

clipfeed is a digital content publisher and tracking software platform. Our API services websites globally and enables higher monetisation.

  • Interactive Content

    We provide world-class entertainment content to hundreds of millions of consumers via their mobile phones.

  • Tracking Software

    Our cloud tracking software provides data analytics insights and AI-powered optimization tools to make delivering content easier and more profitable.

  • Powerful API

    It’s simple to add clipfeed and monetise with our powerful API that plugs into your website.

  • Worldwide Delivery

    We provide global content in multiple languages, offering localised language content that can be culturally relevant and targeted.

clipfeed ads enables monetisation and provides the ultimate user experience. Combining high conversion rates, growing customer retention and encouraging impulse purchasing via our frictionless payment flows.

We partner with the leading global mobile service providers, affiliate networks and brands – using clipfeed’s content and tracking engine, we deliver results by serving only the best, highly optimised content inventory in order to attain the most effective performance for our partners.

From mainstream to niche offerings, clipfeed ads provide leading mobile portal access across games, streaming and more on subscription and one time payments. 

Using clipfeed’s cutting edge tracking and analytical software we are always ahead of the curve. By making adjustments real time to maximise volume, we deliver revenues and ultimately return on investment.

If you have existing mobile offers and would like to monetise, or if you are looking to improve ROI on your current international services, try clipfeed ads.

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We use the latest technology to qualify, and convert more users faster.

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We use an integrated help desk and knowledgebase to solve all customer problem faster.

We reach millions of customers through our innovative advertising techniques.