Frequently Asked Questions


Common questions on our products

How does a license work?

Licensing our products gives you exclusive rights to our products in a market.

What are commercials for licensing?

Our license fees are paid monthly. Our license fee payment terms are net 30.

How many markets can I license your products?

You can license our products in as many markets as you require, providing there is no advertiser with exclusive rights in that region.

How long to does it take to get setup?

Once license agreement is signed, it typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to get setup with your branded product.

Can we use our brand?

Absolutely! You choose your own brand with license on an exclusive basis. We can handle everything so you don't have to.


How we support your services

What support is provided?

We provide full support for you with account management and localised support, during roll out and implementation of services.

What channels of support are available?

You are given email, Slack and Skype support as a clipfeed client.

Is support included in licensing?

Yes, business hours with support channels included with a license.


Further things

Do you have other products?

We have two core products. In the future we may release further products.

Can you serve a large user base?

Yes. Our platform is highly performant and scalable. We work with growing communities of any size.

Are moderators and social media included?

Yes, all moderators and social media management is included with our product licensing.