Our Products


Product Features

Multi-function, interactive content and engaging entertainment services, critical to successful VAS.

Local language

We provide global content in multiple languages, offering localised language content that can be culturally relevant and targeted.

Reach target customers

Advertisers can now easily reach the mobile VAS market without requiring complex integrations or operating multiple channels at higher cost.

Acquire customers

Our products have been designed for the requirements of marketers looking to acquire customers with compelling content.

Compatible plugin

Our content can be connected to a variety of software. clipfeed is compatible with no code advertising service, Ellastic.

Friendly support

Support that’s always on to help with integration, feature updates and roll out. A team with more than 20 people at your disposal.

Live analytics and tracking

Our cloud tracking provides data analytics insights and optimisation tools to make delivering content easier and more profitable.

We work with leading partners

The smartest way to deliver compelling media content.


Build Mobile VAS with No-Coding

mobile ready

Design by motion

Our mobile and multi-device ready products are built to acquire customers through our innovative content delivery platform.