clipfeed, a global gaming and esports entertainment company, today announced that its addressable audience reached over 500 million consumers.

The distribution reach achieved thus far stretches across primarily the continents of Europe, MENA and soon to be LATAM.

clipfeed has partnered with more than a dozen mobile telecommunications operators around the world to provide its esports offering.

Consumers can be billed through the telco’s billing capability, typically Direct Carrier Billing and can access the esports services.

More telco partnerships are in the pipeline to be signed during 2023 which is shaping up to be an important year for both gaming and esports and the continued launches and roll out of 5G in many markets and telcos around the world.

It is now that mobile operators find themselves requiring innovation and other product lines to improve their growth and margins. All while companies like YouTube are monetising internet bandwidth globally.

The rising popularity of gaming and further esports, could be the industry that provides the much-needed growth area and allow operators to monetise across its own infrastructure, namely using telco billing.

According to the IAB, there are more than 2.5 billion gamers in the world, of which many are mobile gamers. With the influx of new technologies into the esports industry and rapid growth in data consumption, clipfeed is leading the way in terms of addressing this massive market with a platform designed for high use and scalability.

Michael Whelan commenting, said: “Our esports offering is the most popular and widespread telco-esports platform globally. We have created a powerful and unique service proposition for mobile operators. We expect to build the reach to more than a billion consumers steadily over the course of 2023 and beyond”.

clipfeed empowers telecos to revolutionize their marketing and monetization strategies by utilizing their own channels. With one simple integration, mobile telcos can access an abundance of high-quality content and cutting-edge innovation.

About clipfeed

clipfeed is a leading global gaming and esports entertainment company that empowers gaming communities with state-of-the-art technology.

Working with telecom operators, DTH, ISP and OEM partners, clipfeed delivers innovative and engaging content destinations to hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide.