With all the events this year that have disrupted so much of the world, there has been explosive in the area of esports, and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend.

The esports audience will grow to 495.0 million globally in 2020. Esports enthusiasts otherwise known as amateur esports will account for 222.9 million of this number, up 25 million year on year.

With the growth in gaming and esports, we are excited to announce the most recent updates to our esports tournaments and challenges platform, Glitch.

Our platform is focussed primarily on by far the biggest area in esports, amateur gaming and competing. Realising not every player is a pro, our platform enables them users who are looking to compete with no such restrictions.

If you did not know by now, esports is multi player competitive gaming including spectating using streaming.

We have really focused on the fact that every viewer and every player is part of our community. And that's not the way it is in professional esports. Every single person who goes to a esports event also plays the game. How do I get to play in person? That's where Glitch comes in.

Now gamers and fans can interact, "Compete" in tournaments and challenges, "Share" their progress and results with friends and other users with the ability to "Win" prizes.

Glitch is a one of a kind destination that brings amateur esports tournaments, challenges, social gaming, stats and a community together into a single platform.

Our latest updates to our evolving esports platform allows uses to integrate their social media across Twitter, Facebook, Discord and many more platforms. We are also in the process of leveraging esports aggregation to provide the freshest content from hundreds of gaming news sites, including top esports content news providers.

Built using AI

In addition to the tournaments and challenges, some of what makes this experience unique is our AI which applies machine checking and verification to all users entries and updates. We are to expand on this further with vision models to analyse in real time to identify the most interesting content from our users. This will mean it's easier for users to find great content, but also makes it possible to catch something they wouldn't normally see.

With all this esports content in one place, it's important to make sure its easy for gamers to find their favourites

Over the last 12 months we have provided several hundred tournaments around the world. To ensure users can find the events that matter most we are adding more localisation options as we expand into new countries. With this our moderator team has expanded to cater for the popularity of our platform. If its an amateur tournament we are to make sure users know about it. Glitch can even help gamers find out important dates, prize pools, and much more, we are even working with event organisers to integrate more tournament calendars and prize pools to allow users to Compete, Share and Win!

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